Annemor Sundbø

From treasures in a ragpile to treasures of the heart

Knitting in Art

Strikking I Billedkunsten

Annemor Sundbø

Dual Language Text: Norwegian/English


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Wonderful! Journey with Annemor through paintings and photos of days gone by and discover how very many sweaters and other knit garments have found their way into the art of the world, particularly when created by Scandinavian artists.

Part of the treat of this book is the modern photos of sweaters knit based on antique photos and paintings -- these are so inspiring I find my hands beginning to tingle with eager anticipation of knitting similar sweaters. You'll find splendid patterns and construction details, too, along with history, color patterns and Annemor's way of viewing in the human heart through knitting. In the end, it seems to me that there has also been a cultural transformation: sweaters that were originally mostly practical were knit with enough love and care to be also beautiful; these inspired and became part of artistic portrayals; and as time moved along, it is found that the knitting itself is art, art that one can live in.

Knitting in Art is pure joy!